Current PCUMC General Fund  Data

This information is provided to assist Plank Chapel leaders with curent financial information. A username and password are required to access the  data.  Contact the Treasurer if you need a password.  Note: In addition to this General Fund, PCUMC has  UMM, UMW, Cemetery, Memorial, and Building funds with their own bank accounts and treasurers.

Sub-account Balances

This table shows the ballances for all PCUMC internal and benevelence "sub-accounts" within the General Fund.  Local and Conference benevelance accounts hold funds briefly until they are disbursed to either a local charity or to the Conference (normally in conjunction with apportionamnt emittances).

Actual vs. Budget
This table shows the curent-year PCUMC budget vs.actual outlays for each budget category.

Operating Costs
This is a summery of payments for
"operating expenses" which are budgeted in the general fund.  This is privided as information for Trustes.

Check Register
This is a detailed chronological list of all deposits into and payments from the general fund checking account.  Corresponding sub-accounts are listed for all items and budget categories are indicated for church budget items.  When a single check or deposit addresses more than one sub-acount or budget line, that item is broken into elements enclosed in a box.


General Fund closeout data for previous calendar years is available below:

2017:       Sub-account Balances       Actual vs. Budget       Operating Costs       Check Register
2016:       Sub-account Balances       Actual vs. Budget       Operating Costs       Check Register